With the NHL season now underway and our podcasts for Season 3 also a few episodes in, this is just a post to wrap up who we’re high on this season in terms of NFL Futures and NHL Futures value. If you have been listening to the pod, these will come as no surprise.

We’ll post monthly recaps and discussions about betting trends we’re having success with and explanations that maybe worth a closer look/read rather than just podcast discussion.

Pre-Season NFL Superbowl Picks

  • LA Chargers +2500
  • SF 49ers +947
  • Baltimore Ravens +1800

Pre-Season NHL Stanley Cup Picks

  • The Chief picked:
    • NY Rangers +1703
    • Florida Panthers +2030
    • Colorado Avalanche +911
  • Res picked
    • NJ Devils +1231
    • Vegas Golden Knights +1241

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