The Doctor’s Notes – Week Oct 31 – Nov 6

Words from The Res
After some travel, we are back and home base to refine our plays. Oct 23-30 was not one of our best weeks as we gave back a few units. Starting November we will be looking to be more aggressive with our plays, as we get a feel for the stats the the teams are putting up in the NHL. We didn’t post a play in NHL until November 2 (mostly due to travel).

Category 1 – Back-to-Back Advantages (2-3, -1.33 units)
Category 2 – Away Favourites (6-4, +0.79 units)
Category 3 – Long Breaks (2-0, +1.02 units)
Category 4 – Over/Under Triggers
Category 5 – Special Teams Differentials (PP vs PK) (0-1, -1.00 unit)
Category 6 – Other (one off non-system related), (3-4, -1.53 units)

Scheduling Notes
Long Road Trips (5 or more)
NAS 3 games into a 5 game road trip

Long Home Stands (5 or more)
TOR starting a 5 game home stand

Nov 2
Edmonton ML -145 (Miss)

Comments – We looked for the visiting Dallas Stars to run out of gas playing 3 in 4 nights, as the Oilers should be looking to rebound, but they fell flat. Was weary about this one which was why it was just a 0.5 unit play on Twitter

Toronto Regulation (Category 1) (Miss)
Columbus ML (Category 5) (Miss)
LA Kings ML (Category 2) (HIT)
Colorado ML (Category 2) (Miss)

Comments – Category 2 plays where we take Away Favourites show Colorado Avalanche to strive in this situation. They dropped their previous play in this system to the Buffalo Sabres on Oct 29.

New Jersey Regulation and ML (Category 2) (Both Hit)

We posted this one on twitter as 2 separate bets totaling 1.5 units. The thought here was to increase the chance of a payout using ML but also gain some advantage in a regulation win if it occurs due to the odds. Lots of burns this season from going straight regulation on the full wager. Blackhawks have somehow shown a lot of fire this early season.

2023-24 NHL Season Record, 16-15, -3.06 units

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