Pick Doctors NHL 2022-23 Season Survivor Contest

Welcome to the Pick Doctors NHL 2022-23 Season – Survivor Contest Page!

We are hosting the contest using RunYourPool.com. Invite link is below:

General Rules

  • Each week entrants must pick an NHL team to win their game from the Saturday NHL slate
  • If they win their game, you move onto the next week; you can only use each team ONCE
  • If they do NOT WIN their game, you’re out of the contest
  • All picks will be hidden until after the pick deadline (start of the first Saturday game) has passed
  • If you miss the deadline, you will be auto-assigned the earliest unused Home Team

Prize Package

Winner will receive a prize package that includes:

If for whatever reason there are multiple winners, the contest host, the Chief (thechief@pickdoctors.com) will use discretion in determining how the prizes may be awarded including a split or additional items provided.